Reign of Winter

Session Two: We found a camp!

An excerpt from Vajra's Journal

Vajra’s Journal
Season: Mid-Summer Location: Heldren Weather: Unseasonably Cold

We continued on our journey to find Lady Argentia Malassene. Leaving the gorge we ran into a hunters’ cabin – Kaito’s bad luck continued as he triggered a booby trap in the trees. We slowly approached the cabin unsure of what we would find inside, however we find the only viable entrance was through the back which had old troll tracks leading away from the cabin. Hoping to find more information about Ted Knotten we entered only to be set upon by raiders, some of which appeared diseased, and a half-orc woman. We were able to convince the half-orc not to attack us and easily defeated the rest. Once we finished off with the raiders the half-orc was very willing to explain what was occurring in the area, although she knew nothing of the troll. She informed us that she worked for the raider’s leader, Rohkar, who was supposed to be located on the top floor of the cabin. Before going upstairs we searched around the main floor to ensure that we wouldn’t be ambushed from behind, in doing so we found the Lady Argentia Malassene bound in a locked cellar located beneath the main floor. The woman is insufferable, so I can understand why Rohkar locked her far away from himself. Having secured the lady we sought out Rohkar, however, when we reached the upstairs rooms we found that we had been tricked. Inside were two frost skeletons waiting for us, but no Rohkar. Once we dispatched with the skeletons we went downstairs only to be attacked by Rohkar and two zombie raiders – apparently Rohkar has no issue turning his own men into the undead. Zombies are really just the worst to fight, they are immune to being beaten with fists so I had to rely on my handaxe and sickle. Kaito was briefly controlled by Rohkar and dealt a mighty blow to Kenna, knocking her down. This misfortune seemed to fuel Kaito’s anger though, he was more focused as he and I struck down the zombies. Eirwyn was of great assistance by cursing both the zombies and Rohkar. With the zombies destroyed, Rohkar yielded without much of a fight. We were able to stabilize Kenna, but the half-orc female was already dead – slain by either Rohkar or the zombies. Unfortunately when we started to question him, he withdrew some unholy symbols and was killed on the spot. Now we’re back in Heldren with Lady Argentia safe. However, we are no closer to stopping the plans of the Witch Queen Elvanna and our only clue is a caged evil ice pixie we found in Rohkar’s study.



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